If you want to win at Keno, it’s important to remember that winning and hitting the jackpot is down to luck at the end of the day, but if you can play smart and learn how to read the game, you will be in a far better position of winning than ever before.

Playing casino games at a land based casino or online do make players think that the best way to maximise your win is to bet on the games with the best odds, but this is far from the truth and results in players losing their money – and quick!

With huge potential payouts and big jackpots, players love to play keno as it’s a simple game to understand, master and follow. Keno has become more and more popular at online casinos due to the higher payout percentage compared to land based casinos.

Keno Strategy & Tips

Very much like riding a bike, Keno is best played when you practice. The majority of NEW USA Online casinos offer players the chance to play the game for free – this is a superb way of understanding how the game is played and more importantly how to win whilst playing it. One thing you must remember when playing for free, is that the game won’t payout if you win – why? This is because is basically a demo to get players to familiarise themselves with the game.

Free play Keno is vital for new players to the game as it allows you to pick up skills and learn how to play the certain bets that can be played. Once you’ve built up your confidence playing Keno, you can then move onto playing Keno for real – don’t forget that the bets you place for real will be deducted from your balance so don’t go betting erratically.

Highest payout

The second most important thing to do when you play Keno, is to choose an online casino with the highest payout percentages. High payout percentages can bring the house edge down significantly. Land based casinos don’t have the same same big payouts that online casinos can offer, but it’s also important to remember that the maximum return differs from one casino to the next casino – so make sure you shop around.

Consecutive numbers

You may think that picking more numbers gives you a better chance of winning at Keno, but this is not the case. Many Keno experts believe that picking ten or more numbers will actually decrease your odds of winning. By picking at least 5 numbers and a maximum of 6 with consecutive numbers are more likely to come out.

Sticking to your decisions

When it comes to picking numbers, many people opt for lucky numbers, birthdays, anniversaries and so on – but no matter what your chosen numbers are it’s best to stick with them and not change them. Study the numbers and look to see what numbers have not come up for a while, these generally speaking are more likely to come up than numbers than have already been drawn.

If you want to improve your bankroll, you really should stick to your numbers. You may go a long time and find that your numbers don’t come up, but more often than not, when your numbers do come up they will continue to come up.

To win at Keno

Keno is a lottery game, so no matter what strategy you use, you’re not guaranteed a win. So to minimise your losses you should always bet responsibly.

Keno Jackpots

The vast majority of Keno games have progressive jackpots that can be won – this means that the jackpot keeps rolling over and over until some lucky devil manages to win the lot. Every time somebody plays the game of Keno, the progressive jackpot will build and build, the more people who play the quicker the jackpot grows. To win said progressive jackpot you need to reveal the jackpot symbol by uncovering certain amount of numbers – the casino you are playing at will clearly state how you can win the jackpot.


Don’t be lured into scams on the internet where people want to sell you ‘guaranteed fool-proof’ systems into the Keno game. There are no such systems, it’s a game of skill and luck and you can achieve these all by yourself. The internet is full of people claiming they have won eye-watering amounts of cash, but these are all lies. The Keno systems on offer are there to take cash off you – not help you so use your head and play your own way.

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