Xbet Casino Review, Rating, Bonuses

XBet.ag is an increasingly popular North AmericanSportsbook that boldly claims that it is “”The last sportsbook you will ever join.”

I can only assume that the “X” in “XBet” stands for “extreme.” And who doesn’t like to do things to the extreme. Let’s get real; you’re not signing up for a sportsbook because you want to win enough money to buy your next meal. You’re signing up because you want to go 100mph in your new Lambo that you can finally afford.

Licensed in Curacao, XBet is a legally operated business, which is important in the sportsbook industry.

Platform and Service Offerings

XBet offers a wide variety of lines and casino games.

The site definitely seems to cater to an American demographic, as their lines and props are abundant when it comes to American sports. However, this doesn’t mean that there is a shortage of International sports. There’s soccer, rugby, and cricket is those are more your style.

You can also bet on E-Sports. Who doesn’t like to watch other people play video games? I mean, why put your fingers through that grueling energy-efficient task? And why not bet on it if you’re going to watch it?

And if betting on obscure things like E-Sports is your thing, there’s a wide variety of eccentric lines such as winners of pinball tournaments, the gender of the Royal Baby, and who the next Pope will be. If you’re a true degen I’m sure you can find value in these lines somehow.

XBet’s casino options are as plentiful as its lines. There are 3D and regular slots, table games, and even a live casino option. Most of these are standard when it comes to the online casino business, however, the amount of games XBet has is unique.

As for the user interface, the design XBet incorporates is unrivaled by its competitors. The way I think of it is as some kind of comic-book like style. All the graphics on the site come with their own unique twist. I post a screenshot below so you can see.


Payment Options:

You came for your extreme payouts so I’ll break down the many different forms of payment options, cause like I said before, that’s the real reason why you’re here.


There are plenty of ways to deposits fund into Xbet. Most of which are accessible instantly. Below, the separate deposit options will be listed along with the minimums and maximums per deposit.

  • Visa/Mastercard: $45-$1,000
  • Bitcoin: $25-$10,000
  • Wire Transfer: $2,000-Unlimited
  • ACH: $100-Unlimited
  • Person2Person: $100-$690
  • Phone Transfer: $45-$1,000
  • Check: $100-$2,500


Much like deposits, there are a number of ways to receive your winnings as well. Below, the separate payout options will be listed along with the minimums and maximums per payout. Underneath each listing will be each options estimated payout time.

  • Bitcoin: $50-$10,000
    • 1-2 days
  • Wire Transfer: $500-$50,000
    • 5-10 days
  • ACH: $500-$10,000
    • 3-5 days
  • Person2Person: $50-$500
    • 3-5 days
  • Check: $50-$2,500
    • 5-10 days


XBet Customer Support:

XBet has customer service agents available to talk 24/7, so when you’re trying to place a bet at 2 AM on Korean Baseball, you know where to go.

You’re able to call, email, and even instant message the agents.

What I Like about XBet:

It’s got to be the plethora of lines and casino options. I can’t think of something I’ve found on another sportsbook that I can’t find at Xbet.

Also the graphics are super cool depending on your opinion of the comic book-style design.

What I don’t like about XBet

After reviewing some online forums, I’ve found that a common complaint is the delay in payouts.

However, this is pretty normal when it comes to the online gambling industry, and there have been no reports that I’ve found concerning XBet’s inability or refusal to payout.


Xbet is definitely worth a look if you’re looking for a new place to gamble. It’s fairly new so I imagine the site will continue to improve as well.

The options are plenty, so if there’s a line you can’t find on your favorite sports book, you know where to find it.

They have very simple Bonus offers I personally prefer their 100% SIGN-UP BONUS UP TO $300. A minimum $100 deposit is required to qualify for the 100% Sign-Up Bonus. There is a 5-time rollover requirement associated with this promotion which is easily beatable.


%100 up to $300

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