Best Scratch Card Tips

Playing scratch cards online or from stores is just like any other game of chance. No matter what you do – you will only win if you have a winning ticket. Scratch cards are also called instants and instant wins, because when you win, you win instantly. Different people have different approaches when they play scratch cards, some people pick the card that stands out more whilst others choose to play more than one of the same scratchcard to increase their chance of winning.


Your goal is to win when playing scratchcards now there is no strategy to this, so don’t go buying online guides that claim to offer fool proof ways of winning big cash – because it’s a 50/50 chance you will win or you won’t. Are you looking for big wins or smaller wins to keep you going? Whatever you’re doing, you will need to do it responsibly.

Practice makes perfect

Okay, so the best thing to do before you start playing scratchcards is to look for an online casino site that allows you to play for free. Playing scratchcards for free is a perfect way to see how the games are played and how you can win – remember that when you do win you won’t get any of the cash because it’s a free play mode.

Read instructions

You should take time out and read how to play scratchcards, because although they seem the same – they are so different. Even though you scratch the card to win, there are different ways you can win. Some scratch cards have so many different ways to win, bonus symbols, multipliers and online games even have bonus rounds, so read how to play each game and the odds on offer before you wager your cash.

Scratch responsibly

Now, playing scratchcards is an easy way to lose your money really quickly. In stores it takes literally seconds to scratch the card and online it’s a press of a button and your money has gone, so you need to set a deposit limit. Ask yourself how much you can afford to lose and never go over it – don’t go chasing money because you will never win.

Scratch Card Bonuses

Shop around online for the best bonuses when it comes to playing scratchcards. Some online sites offer a free no deposit bonus when you play, this is free money awarded as a bonus to test the games. Make sure you read the terms and conditions on any bonus offered because some sites also offer big welcome bonuses, but attached to these bonuses are big wagering requirements. So, if you win you will find that you may have to play through the welcome bonus before being able to withdraw. Example of this, if you deposit £10 and get £50 free and have a wagering requirement of 10x the bonus, you’ll have to wager £500 before being able to withdraw. Sometimes taking no bonus at all is better than a bonus with a big wagering requirement.

Play longer

If you want to play scratchcards for as long as possible, you’re better off playing small stakes. You won’t win big by playing small stakes, but when you do it will stretch out your cash to last longer.

Win big

If you want to win big, you will have to stake big. This is where you can lose your money very quickly or become rich very quickly, more likely than not you will lose before you win.

Scratch Cards Jackpots

Some scratchcards offer big jackpots and progressive jackpots that continue to grow until they are won. The chances of winning on these are very small and to win big you need to stake big. Every time someone plays on a progressive jackpot scratchcard, the total grows. Budget your cash and see if you can afford to play these games.


Your mood is everything when playing scratchcards. If you are in a good mood you are likely to make better budgeting choices, but if you are in a bad mood you are more likely to think ‘what the hell’ and splash the cash on scratchcards that cost a shed load of money. So, you are better off playing when you are in a good mood really.

Scratch Cards Tips

  • Play small stake scratchcards to keep you playing longer, thus increasing your chances of winning
  • Stick to your deposit limit and never go over it
  • Spread your games over several sessions
  • Withdraw your winnings and don’t chase losses
  • Have fun and when the fun stops – you should stop!
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