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Space Wars is a Net Entertainment supported video slot games with 5 reels, 4 ranks and 40 paylines. You can play from a spun of at least 40p. The space-themed slot is based on 5 extraterrestrial species that fought to be a strong crystal. Space Wars are not disappointed, but they don’t have a free spin feature that takes advantage of a Cloning Pod Re-Spin feature – when you get a winning combination in a pay line, the right side of the completely unique reels looks like the baby’s bottle. This is because the winning symbols appear on the Cloning Pod!

Space Wars Slot Review

These winning symbols are then cloned and retracted to the reels. Then there is a re-spin that can cause big gains. It’s triggered very often, but if you’re lucky, you can win a lot of money. In fact, there are 1000 times the amount you will earn for each spin / repeat spin.

Although not a free spins feature, the Cloning Pod Re-Spin feature is generous and as mentioned earlier. The game is playing very fast (which you like) and is different from other slots produced by Net Entertainment.

As of February 14, 2018, NetEnt has renewed the game in HTML5, so it can be played on mobile and tablet devices like iOS and Android.

If you cannot find any free spins in the Space Wars Slot Game, there is a re-rotation feature, which means you have to succeed in finding three alien of the same kind, the creature is considered caught and sent to the cloning tank. . Then, the creature will be repeated and the reels will be re-rotated to help you get closer to more money. The crazy symbol of the game doesn’t leave any room for imagination, and if you’re hoping it’s some kind of weird and weird alien you’ve never seen before, you’ll be very upset. Although Space Wars slot free to play and it is a wild man and helps you win these combinations faster, it won’t affect you much.

You will definitely love NetEnt game’s ’Space Wars. As you become a part of the galactic control war and become part of it, you will see five different extraterrestrial species struggling to have a strong crystal. All of this is revealed in the opening video package of the Space Wars Slot Online Game, where foreign races are exhibited in their struggle for the precious stone. So, you have a side to support in this war? What’s your favorite alien? Before you make your decision, let’s take a look at some other features of this product. The whole game takes place in the comfort of your spaceship, with a close look to the moon shown behind the reels. In addition, there is a large canister on the right side of the rollers, and this has its own feature in a short time. Not only that, NetEnt also added a crooked piece of music to the game, just build and build, bringing you the action by rotating the reels.

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