Best Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy

Your position at the table is important when you play Texas Hold’em. It’s vital you understand that the dealer is always the strongest player you will come across due to him being able to bet last. The person betting last has the most information and can make a better decision about how the game will play out. The ‘cutoff’ player (the person to the right of the dealer) can raise the bet and knock the dealer out of play, making them potentially more powerful than the dealer himself. Players in early positions are classed as weak due to them having the least amount of information about the table in which they are betting on, meaning they cannot make good decisions as a dealer.


It’s important to remember that the two cards you hold are the only two cards that set you apart from your opponents.

All of the cards that are face-up are community cards shared amongst all the players.


Knowing when to raise is vital, here are a few tips you should take into mind:

  • If you have already made a hand and require no further cards to win, if you choose to raise, you may force the other players with drawing hands to fold.
  • If you think that you have the best hand, you should be raising big. Weaker players will be scared into folding, narrow the field – thus raising the stakes.
  • If you think you have nothing, you can always try to bluff your opponents with a raise to make them think you have a strong winning hand.
  • Raising means your opponents have to raise, call or even fold. By doing this you can gain information on how string their hands are.

Narrow the Field

It’s a true that in order to win big at Texas Hold’em, a lot of players need to be involved in the game, but this way you are just as likely to lose big too. You need to be clever and be able to force out as many players as you possibly can, giving you a better chance of winning. Watch how your opponents play closely, you will notice patterns and you should be able to call out who is bluffing and who isn’t. If you can read the game, you will have a much better chance of winning. Play small and tight until you know how to read the table.

All in

This is the biggest risk when playing and also offers the biggest payout, so you only do this when you know you have the best hand or an enthusiastic bluff. By playing tight you may have fooled your opponents into thinking that you wouldn’t dare risk it unless you had a winning hand.


Knowing when to call is vital!

  • When you have great odds and want to stay in the game you can call to limit your losses.
  • Calls in early rounds can fool players into thinking you have a much better hand than you have. This is a great tactic if you plan to bluff later in the game.
  • Close the betting action with a call if you’re on the button.
  • Sometimes if you have a strong hand but want to hide it to raise stakes later on in the game, calling is a great move. It’s reverse-psychology giving later positions the confidence to stick in there to raise the pot.

Giving it away

You have to be careful what you do with your hands and facial gestures whilst playing, because some people look for the tell tale signs of bluffers and weak players, these can include some players touching their nose regularly, peeking at cards a certain amount of times, raising their eyebrows or have a trembling voice. Professional players have learnt how to tell a good player from a bad one, so make sure you don’t give anything away at the table. If you can read your players, then you are in a strong position statistically speaking.

The most common bluff is when a bad liar has to cover part of their face, to distract other players from reading too much from their face. Remember, not every people has a ‘tell’ so it’s not something you can solely rely on.


Okay, so the first thing you really should do before playing is set your limits. Don’t go to the table with a reckless attitude, because you will stand to lose more than you can win. Set a deposit limit and stick to it, if you find that the game is no longer fun to play, you should stop.

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